At this time in South Australia it is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended to wear a mask when out in public and you can’t physically distance (1.5m from others).
Please note: children under 12 years of age do not need to wear a mask, as they may not be able to handle it safely.
The term ‘face mask or mask’ includes reusable cloth masks, and single-use face masks (commonly called surgical masks).
At this time, ‘fitted’ face coverings, such as bandanas, scarves, or neck gaiters can be used if you are unable to find a cloth mask, or single-use surgical face mask.
Face masks that have unfiltered one-way valves should not be used.
Important things to remember about wearing masks:
  1. Once your mask is on, it is important that you don’t touch or adjust the front of it while wearing it – it’s the part that’s protecting you from COVID-19. If you do touch it by accident, wash or sanitise your hands right away.
  2. Before putting your mask on and after taking it off, remember to thoroughly wash and dry (or sanitise) your hands.
To learn more about face masks: