Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara

ඇඩිලේඩ් ශ්‍රී ලංකා බෞද්ධ විහාරය

A handful of Buddhist devotees of the Sri Lankan community living in Adelaide gathered on the full moon Poya Day of Poson (June) 1996 and had an historical meeting to discuss about the establishment of Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Inc (ASBV). As a result of their indefatigable effort it was possible to register the temple on the 14th of June 1996 and to open the ASBV at 13 Gardiner Avenue, in St Morris on the 12th of April 1997.

After two and half years, the ASBV was then moved to 13 Brookside Road in Athelstone, South Australia in September 1999. Our current Chief Incumbent, Venerable Udagabbala Sumedha Thero has been working continuously since 2000 effectively becoming the longest serving resident monk of ASBV.

Having successfully fulfilled the requirements of the Ethnic Schools Board, South Australia (ESB, SA) the ASBV managed to register its affiliated Ethnic School, Sinhala Buddhist School (SBS) on 26th October 1999. SBS is also a member of the Ethnic Schools Association, SA (ESA, SA) at present. With its humble beginning alongside a handful of children, today SBS has developed to be one of the premier Ethnic Schools in SA providing linguistic and cultural educational support to approximately 175 children who represent the multicultural diversity of SA. These children aged 5 years and above study in SBS classes ranging from Reception to SACE under the guidance and supervision of ESB accredited teachers.

As a consequence of the relentless dedication and profuse magnanimity shown by the members of the ASBV and their well-wishers including Sri Lankan as well as non-Sri Lankan community in South Australia, Australia and overseas, the ASBV was ultimately able to successfully finalize the settlement of the property at No. 8 James Street Crafers on Tuesday the 31st August 2015.

Chief Incumbent of Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara

Venerable Shasthrapathi Udagabbala Sumedha Thero, BA, MA

Venerable Udagabbala Sumedha Thero is the Chief Incumbent of Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara. He has so far been the longest serving volunteer resident monk of the ASBV having resided in the temple continuously since 2000 and relentlessly serving the community. Venerable U Sumedha Thero is also the Principal of the Ethnic School, Sinhala Buddhist School, which is registered  under the Ethnic Schools Association of South Australia, SA and affiliated with the Ethnic Schools Association, SA and renders a relentless service in promoting Sri Lankan culture and Sinhala language in particular and multiculturalism of Australia in general among children.

8 James St, Crafers SA 5152
Reg. No. A0023008K – ABN 89949193552
Phone: +61 (08) 8339 3649