Batik is a unique form of craft created through a repeated process of waxing and dyeing of cloth till the preferred effect and color is reached. What makes Batiks desirable amongst many is its vigorousness of theme and color emanating from traditional or contemporary influences. At Sanathana Batik we focus exclusively on utilizing patterns of unique designs for our customers. A family business which began 30 years ago has now thrived into a multi-faceted business catering for bridals, engagements and various other occasions.

Our designers passionately create elegant material engulfing various concepts originating from the Sri Lankan culture such as temple art, scenic beauties, various motifs and traditional forms of dancing. These patterns are used on clothing stitched to perfection by our expert cutters and seamstresses. Intricate batik designs can be infused on any product of your choice.

The main line of readymade clothing consists of designer dresses, blouses, skirts, shorts, sarongs and shirts. Apart from the main line, Sanathana also specializes in other batik based product be it beach wear, wall hangings, table cloth, picture frames, bed sheets, greeting cards or cushion covers impressively designed by our experienced designers with precise detail or custom made to an original pattern of your choice to bring in a personal touch. Each batik is an individually handmade piece making the elegant fabric with its endless multitude of liberally used deep vibrant color unique and fun to wear.

Clients can visit from 8am – 6pm all days of the week. Orders can be placed any time via phone.

Proprietors: Mala Kaluarachchi Fernando
Designers: Mala Kaluarachchi Fernando & Kanchana Niwanthi Fernando

Showroom : 25/2A, SANATHANA BATIK,Holy Emmanuel Church Road,Rawathawatta, Moratuwa. Sri Lanka

Email : [email protected]

Mobile : +94 773380007 Mala Kaluarachchi
+94 773352710 Kanchana Fernando

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