We are happy to inform you that the 20,000 vials of Soluble Insulin donated by the Sri Lankan community in South Australia through the Helping Sri Lanka Project has now arrived in Sri Lanka.
This donation was made at the request of the Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists who will monitor the distribution of the Insulin through the Medical Supplies Division (MSD), Ministry of Health. This donation will cover the requirement of Soluble Insulin for the whole country for one month.
The total cost of the project was nearly A$60,000 and I take this opportunity to sincerely thank the members of the Sri Lankan Community in Adelaide and well-wishers who worked tirelessly to raise funds. It was pleasing to see more than 15 Sri Lankan community associations and volunteers in Adelaide working together for a common cause.
I also thank the South Australian Sri Lankan Doctors Association for taking the leadership of the project, Medical Help Sri Lanka (USA) for facilitating the purchase of the Insulin directly from the manufacturer in India and Sri Lankan Airlines cargo for transporting the consignment promptly.
Please find attached letter of acknowledgement, photos of accepting the consignment from Sri Lankan Airlines and handing over to the Director MSD sent by the Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists.
Best wishes
Charitha Perera
Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka