As you are aware, the current COVID 19 Pandemic is causing significant hardship to the community due to loss of employment, social isolation and illness.
A large number of recent Sri Lankan migrants, students,  families with young children and the elderly in Adelaide are currently affected by this situation and we anticipate that there will be more in the near future.
Already several Sri Lankan community organisations and individuals in Adelaide have donated dry rations and other essential items to be distributed.
If you or someone you know need any assistance, please contact Charitha Perera (0412 552 541), Rasika Jayasekara (0421 867 133) or Duminda Kottahachchi (0414 811 828) by calling or Text (preferable) and we can arrange for the dry rations to be delivered by a volunteer.
We would also kindly request you to continue donating in whatever way you can and the details are in the flyer attached
We take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped us during these difficult times.

Further details are as below