When was the last time you truly did something without a worry in the world? Boxed in to our fast-paced lives, we’re always judged- and we’re conscious about that judgement, no matter where it may come from. Be it in what we wear, what we do, where we’re from or how we live our lives; we’re judged and very few manage to go above it.

Hashtag jeans vows to defy that norm, break barriers and stereotypes- creating apparel above judgement. Jeans that are meticulously crafted to suit you in a way that no other could- being exactly you, letting you express what you’ve been made to from the very beginning- the real you. Embracing the idea of ‘being me’ is what makes us as raw in every aspect, because simply letting you see our jeans on a magazine standard lustrous model won’t cut it. That is why we’ve got our front-runners bringing you jeans that let them be exactly the way they’re meant to, you needed to see them on you.

No. 50, Cancer Hospital Road,
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